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Meet Dani

Hi! Can I just tell you I’m so grateful that you’re here? Thanks for stopping in to learn a little bit more about me.

Hopefully you already know that I’m incredibly passionate about food and drink. But this isn’t your typical blog where I tell you I create delicious recipes and wine pairings to go with them. I’m on a bigger mission than that…

I’m Here to Change the Way We Think About Eating and Drinking

It’s no secret that we have a problem with food and alcohol in this country. We eat too much or we eat too little. We feel guilty reaching for a cookie so end up eating the whole bag after a rough day to feel better. “Dieting” involves limiting ourselves to certain foods and cutting out things we love. We eat at our desks, in our cars, and in front of the TV. We’re told everyday what to eat and what not to eat, yet at the end of the day we reach for what is most convenient because we feel we don’t “have the time” to sit down and enjoy a homemade meal.

Growing up, we weren’t allowed to have alcohol, so many of us went crazy the moment we got our hands on it. We drank to get drunk and even though many of us are past our wild drinking days, I’m willing to bet that many of us still aren’t truly appreciating the cocktail, wine or beer in our hand.

I believe we can change our mindset around what we consume and fall back in love with food and wine. If we do that, we will naturally eat high-quality food and become healthier all around. The thought of going on a “diet” and cutting out foods I love gives me anxiety, so in the past few years I’ve committed to making most of my meals from scratch. The result? Great times in the kitchen, a lower grocery bill each week, and an amazing relationship with the food and drink I consume.

As you browse this website you’ll find lots of inspiration to make your own meals, enjoy moments around the dinner table, and maybe even invite your friends and family over to share a meal with. Some of the greatest moments in my life have happened at the dinner table and I am committed to inspiring people to stop eating just to eat and drinking just to drink. We are so lucky to have this bounty of food available to us, so let’s get back to dining the way we did before the modern food industry existed.

My Story

My story starts with a trip to France when I was 22 years old. I was visiting some relatives and each evening, despite their full workday, my family managed to cook us incredible 5-course meals that lasted hours at the dinner table. I remember laughing so hard each night that I could barely breathe; I didn’t even speak the same language as these people but we connected over the food and wine we were drinking.

Ever since then I’ve been in love with homemade food, entertaining at home, and opening up a good bottle of wine with dinner. I began my career working in restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip which enabled me to give traveling guests a great dining experience. I became a Certified Sommelier (for wine) and Certified Cicerone (for beer) and have since dedicated my professional career to beverage education. In 2019, I realized I had a bigger mission to help people learn how to drink and eat at home in a positive way. Its time to change our dining culture and fall in love with food again.

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