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Are you Thirsty? Good, you've come to the right place.

I'm here to help you learn your drink. 


Maybe you're just getting into wine. Or maybe you already know what you like and are thirsty to learn more.  Either way, I'm here to change the way you think about wine, beer, and spirits.


I've always believed that wine and beer are just as important at mealtime as the food you put on the table. Great food and drink along with great conversations with friends and family provide us some of the best pleasures in life. And when you understand what you're drinking, you'll appreciate it so much more than you could ever imagine.


How Confident Do You Really Feel When It Comes To Wine?

Do you know what you like? Do you feel comfortable going to the store and buying it?

There seems to be a lot of "fluff" out there when it comes to learning about wine and beer. I got sick of wasting my time with boring videos and articles that really didn't tell me anything that I needed to know. So many websites tease you with information but don't accomplish anything. I could only imagine if I was just starting...where would I even begin?

I created Libations Academy because I want to bring the classroom back. And this time, in your own home. I want a place for you to enjoy learning about wine, beer and spirits in a fun and down-to-earth atmosphere. I'm here to share my passion of beverages with you and get you feeling comfortable when it comes to buying and tasting wine. 


Sometimes the best pleasures in life become your career. I am so grateful that I figured that one out!

I grew up sitting around the dinner table for hours with my family, sharing great stories and sometimes laughing so hard that we could barely breathe (you know how that is, right?). I have many relatives that live in France and the best memories I have are those moments around the dinner table, glass of wine in hand, connecting with people that don't even speak the same language as me.

When it came time to decide what I wanted to do in life, I knew I wanted to be in the hospitality industry. I went  to school in Las Vegas  and ended up majoring in Beverage Management (what kind of a crazy major is that?!). 

After college I went to school for an additional year and earned my Sommelier Diploma from the International Sommelier Guild. Then I became a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers, a Certified Sake Specialist, and a Certified Cicerone. Since then I have also acquired the WSET III Certification, the Italian Wine Professional Certificate, and am currently studying for the Advanced Cicerone exam. 

And now I am honored to share what I know with you.

My husband and I now reside in Reno, NV, where we spend our time gardening, working in the yard, and making cocktails. We also go camping to escape to the wilderness when we can. When at home, you'll usually find me cooking up a good meal and pairing it with some my favorite beer or wine. 

Let's Start Learning!