7 Mistakes to Avoid When Tasting Wine

So you want to enjoy your wine a little more and have actually started paying attention to how it smells and tastes. Good job! That's step 1 (if you're not doing that, check out this video to learn how to start doing that.) 

But you might be making some wine tasting mistakes that you're not aware of that could affect how your wine tastes. In today's video Dani goes over 7 wine tasting mistakes that could hinder your wine tasting experience. Whether you are going out to a winery or just sipping wine at home, you've probably made at least one of these mistakes at some point. The mistakes are:
1. Filling your glass with too much wine
2. Not sticking your nose in the glass
3. Using the wrong wine glass
4. Talking about wine legs
5. Eating while you taste
6. Wearing perfume or cologne
7. Not thinking about your wine

Check out the video for more details about these common wine tasting mistakes! 

wine tasting mistakes.jpg