How to Open a Bottle of Wine

How to Open a Bottle of Wine on

Alright guys, its time for some real talk.

There are MANY contraptions out there that have been created to open've got the butterfly openers, the giant rabbit openers, the automatic battery-operated openers, the super-cool gas-powered openers...but I'm going to confidently tell you to throw all of them away (or give them away), because from here on out, you only need one contraption. It's called a wine key (aka waiter's corkscrew) and is something you can purchase for like, $2 at Trader Joe's.

Its sad when I hand a friend my wine key to open a bottle and they look at me with a blank stare because they've been using some other contraption all this time. Seriously guys, there will come a time in your life that you will be handed a wine key and be expected to open a wine with as well just start using one for every day use!

Here's a step-by-step video on how to open wine like the pros do. If you need to buy a wine key, amazon is your friend:

Click the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to open a bottle of wine with a wine key.  

Cheers and Happy Opening!