The Foghorn Cocktail

The Foghorn Cocktail; It's like a moscow mule with gin!

Simply made with fresh lime, gin, and ginger beer, the Foghorn Cocktail is one of the classics. Think of this as the gin version of the currently popular moscow mule--sans fancy copper mug.

This cocktail goes out to all you vodka drinkers that loooooove your moscow mules. How in the world has that drink become so popular? Could it be the fancy copper mug? Nope. Its because its a legitimate cocktail that got everyone off of vodka-redbulls and rum and cokes. Its a fancier option that will have even the pickiest drinker able to enjoy a libation other than a cake-shot...or whatever we used to order at bars. Okay, off the vodka tangent--this drink is about gin.

The Foghorn Cocktail: Gin, Lime Juice, and Ginger Beer |

So I hate to have to call The Foghorn Cocktail the "gin" version of a moscow mule. But since most of us are familiar with the moscow mule, its an easy connection.

If you are a vodka drinker and want to branch out into the beautiful world of gin, this is your new drink! Let's face it, ginger beer dominates any cocktail it's a part of. If you don't think you like gin yet, this is the cocktail to try it in. The gin flavors will be subtle as the ginger beer will take center stage. The squeeze of the fresh lime over the top will have you focusing on how refreshing the drink is. You may not even notice that there's a difference than your regular vodka-made moscow mule. But let me assure you, the Foghorn will have more flavor.

The Foghorn Cocktail: Gin, Lime Juice, Ginger Beer |

The Foghorn Cocktail originally called for Old Tom gin which is a sweeter style of the very popular London Dry style. You won't find too many Old Toms these days, however I have a bottle of Tanqueray Old Tom which is on a limited release (so buy one if you see one). Any London Dry Gin will do as well, so pick your favorite. This is a great little libation if you're feeling extra-lazy as it doesn't require any muddling, shaking, or straining. Just measure out your gin, pour your ginger beer, and squeeze a fresh lime over the top! Boom. You have yourself a cocktail.

The Foghorn Cocktail |

The Foghorn Cocktail


  • 2 oz gin
  • 1/2 oz fresh lime juice (squeeze from a lime)
  • ginger beer
  • lime wedge, for garnish


  1. Pour the gin and lime juice into an ice-filled old fashioned glass (or low ball, or whatever you have)
  2. Top with ginger beer and give it a quick, gentle stir
  3. Squeeze the lime wedge over the drink and drop it in. Enjoy your new cocktail.